Sunday, 19 February 2012

Arthouse Café

Triangle structures dividing up the space separates this cafe apart from most other coffee shops; designed by Joey Ho the cafe located in Hangzhou, China is said to "encourage an intimate relationship between space and people".
The sheer amount of angles and edges in this interior make it such a dynamic space, I could happily sit here and examine it for hours trying to work out how it all fits together. More informtion here

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thin line between space and matter

Anything with a title like "a thin line between space and matter" will instantly grab my attention on account of me being a massive physics geek and when images like this follow the title it's even more pleasing. Created by Tamar Frank the installation consists of phosphorescent threads manipulated into curves which absorb light then radiate it out when the lights are switched off. Lovely arty physics.

Rolling Masterplan

A holiday home that you can move around on disused railway tracks in the Norwegian countryside,  meaning you can change your location to suit the season; from an exposed spot by the lakes in the summer to a more sheltered location to retreat to in the winter. Proposed by Swedish architects Jagnefalt Milton.